What a sunny day, best conditions for Father's Day activities ;) I can hear and see boys and men passing by, while I'm at work. Thank Buddha an uneventful shift, made to give me the opportunity to update my website ;)

I have seen a couple of great shows, IRON MAIDEN for example (I'm not allowed to put the pics on my website due to contracts, but you can find them » here «), and the SIMPLE MINDS, supported by the wonderful KT TUNSTALL. I returned to the illuminated :: Dechen Cave :: and visited the first ever German show of the :: Chinese Lights :: at the zoo in my hometown.

Last but not least I had a wonderful trip to the Côte d'Azur to see DEPECHE MODE playing live in Nice :)

Zoo2017 ChinesischeLichter 039           Cros-De-Cagnes 08

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