December 30 • Happy New Year

It has been a long, long time since I posted something here. This has been the darkest time in my life, still ongoing. But I started taking photos again, as therapy, as distraction, as a way to find back to normal life, whatever. Xmas is over and tomorrow we will welcome another new year. It shall be blessed for everybody out there.

I meanwhile added quite a few galleries. An afternoon stroll to a canyon nearby called Blue Lagoon, and a spring stroll through the Botanical Garden in Münster.

Canyon2015 09       BotanischerGarten2015 25

I also uploaded missing festival galleries and many band galleries (I do not list here):

» LEAFMEAL – A Feast Of Friends
» Prophecy Fest
» Rock Hard Festival

April 12 • Dechen Cave & Rakotz Bridge

Ah, this time I'm way faster with updates ;) But I still could be faster working on photos. Well, I will have enough time during April, since I hardly have any shows and festivals (2, if everything works fine) and no days off or vacation due to my work.

Spring is finally in full swing and we already had quite a few sunny days I used for the one or the other walk :) Made some photos too, of course. But first, let me present you the gallery of the illuminated Dechen Cave and the one of the stunningly wonderful Kromlau Park with its amazing Rakotz Bridge :)

KromlauPark2015 42 Dechenhoehle2015 111


Latest live reports & web galleries:

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March 18 • Spring Is Coming

Time is speeding by. Intrinsically I wanted to wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2015. Meanwhile I can almost wish a happy Easter ;) Too much work and illness, losses and gain. Emotional times anyway.

I added all band galleries of recent shows. Feel free to check them out. I had the pleasure to photograph Leo, the little lion, attended the Glenn Miller tribute concert of two swing orchestras and once again visited the illuminated Dechen dripstone cave. And there are even more projects ahead. But first I need to get my computer running again...

Leo 158

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